About Us

  Sound familiar?

"You don’t know which instructor you are getting, it’s like a lottery"

"We were told the Instructor could speak English but he/she obviously couldn’t. The limited English stretched to ‘bend ze kness’ and ‘follow me.’"

"The Instructor scared me senseless by taking me down runs I wasn’t comfortable with and were above my level."

"The Instructor was rude, grumpy and continuously smoked."

" There wasn’t much instructing going on just guiding. "

"I was shouted at and ended up crying in a heap… and I paid for the pleasure!"

"My child was put into an English Group lesson but the Instructor and the other kids didn’t speak any English."

"I was left disheartened and wondering how this could be called a holiday…."

The list goes on!

After hearing the same complaints time and again we felt that enough was enough! And so Snowgurus has been created to put you in direct contact with the best instructors to suit your needs.

I've been a ski instructor in France for 5 years, and know that there are a lot of very good instructors out there who put their client's enjoyment and progression at the top of the list. From listening to my own clients' experiences it was obvious that finding these instructors can make the difference between a dream holiday or a week of misery.

This website lists British or very proficient English speaking Instructors. All the Instructors have been handpicked and vetted. They will deliver lessons to a very high standard. You are able to offer feedback on them and they receive a rating. Any Instructor not delivering to the expected high standard will be removed from the website.

Snowgurus is an unbiased website, independent of any SkiSchool. For the client, controlled by the client!
Standards are controlled and upheld.

Many of the Instructors belong to various Ski Schools but you will be safe in the knowledge that you will only be receiving the best from that Ski School. We also have Instructors who can offer lessons in other languages if required: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and German.

These are not your run of the mill Instructors…… but Snow Gurus who will Inspire you!

To find your guru simply click on 'gurus' above and enter the criteria you are looking for.

If you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for and would like my assistance please do not hesitate to contact me personally.

I hope you have a fantastic Holiday with your Snow Guru!!

Liz Aylmer