On each Instructor profile they will tick the disciplines that they teach. Within the disciplines there are also the levels. For more information; see below.

These levels are not rigidly set but give you and your instructor a general idea of your level. This can be discussed with your instructor before you are in the resort. So he/she can ascertain what you are expecting to get out of your holiday and be prepared for your arrival. You can even prearrange where to meet your Snow Guru!

Rates vary according to Instructor. This will depend on the Individual or which Ski School they work for. Please see each individual Gurus Instructor Profile for pricing.

Book an Instructor for private lessons for you, your group of friends or family. This will provide you with skiing/snowboarding/telemarking/off-piste awareness and tools for improvement. You can discuss and shape your lessons with your private instructor. Most bookings will be for either 6 mornings or 6 afternoons. However, some Instructors will take bookings of less than 6 mornings or 6 afternoons.
See Individual Instructors profiles. Rates vary according to Guru.

Some Instructors offer weeks of group lessons, usually at busy holiday periods. These are for either 5 or 6 mornings or afternoons. Group sizes vary.
See Individual Instructors profiles. Rates vary according to Guru.

Telemarking, the forerunner of alpine skiing is mainly associated with Scandinavian Countries. However, it has been growing in popularity worldwide for several years now. Telemarking is difficult to describe – the front of the boot is attached to the ski but the heel lifts up. Accessible to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert telemarker wanting to ski on or off piste. Try one of our Telemarking Gurus!
See Individual Instructors profiles. Rates vary according to Guru.

Off piste
Some of the best skiing can be found off-piste. Especially during holiday periods when the pistes are busier. Take one of our experienced Gurus: Mountain Guides or Instructors for the day to find the best snow and really see what the area has to offer. Our off-piste Gurus provide all the necessary safety equipment. See individual Instructors profiles. Rates vary according to Guru.

Nervous Skiers/Boarders
It is of upmost importance for nervous skiers to be matched to the correct Instructor. It really could make or break your holiday. Many people have had their Winter Sports Holidays culled due to themselves, or their other halves, being left in the hands of an obnoxious Instructor!!! At Snow Gurus we can try to ensure this will never happen ever again! See individual Instructors profiles who have ticked the Nervous Skier box.

You will be in the hands of a Guru! Who will have patience, understanding and not push you to attempt runs you cannot accomplish. Many people become piste colour obsessed! We realise you can have a perfectly enjoyable Ski holiday and still learn masses, by staying within your comfort zone! 

See Individual Instructors profiles. Rates vary according to Guru.

special ski clinics
Race Training - Pure Adrenaline
From Slalom to Giant Slalom. Don’t let this scare you! It can be fun!
It’s exciting and challenging. Great for improving your skiing technique. Bored with the pistes and fancy something a little more challenging? Get stuck into the gates with guidance and coaching from one of our Gurus – you don’t have to be a world cup racer or even have ever been in the gates!
These are group lessons for either kids or adults.
Freestyle and Snowpark
Skis and Snowboards, through advanced technology, now allow you to travel backwards or forwards.
Learn to jump, ride switch and land more easily. Experience a variety of jumps and rails in the snowpark that you have been too nervous to attempt!
Improve your park skills under the watchful eye of a Guru! Learning the rights skills and technique to freestyle in safety
Bumps Clinic
Crack the bumps, otherwise know as moguls!
A tester for the knees. Being able to ski in control straight down the fall line of a bumps field is always a crowd pleaser.
Steeps and Deeps
Only for advanced and expert skiers.
A challenging adrenalin charged clinic. Have you dreamed of skiing down steep couloirs, pushing yourself to the limit, feeling that adrenalin buzz? Take a clinic with a Guru who will guide you and help with your technique. Live out your dream in total security.

What Level are you?
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